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Editing Course For iMovie

9.99 usd

In this iMovie course, Michael Wohl focusses on the techniques that give “your” iMovie that professional, refined look and feel. See how to fine tune, polish and add those finishing touches to add pizzazz your production.App Features:• 90 minutes of video training• Super clear explanations• Offline Playback (no internet connection needed)• Easy to navigate
Course Outline:1. Introduction (01:15)2. Connected Clips (03:08)3. Working with Connected Clips (02:07)4. Connecting Audio (03:10)5. Editing Connected Clips (02:22)6. Replacing a Clip (02:24)7. Replace Options (03:39)8. Drag to Insert (01:38)9. The Clip Trimmer (02:55)10. Slipping a clip (02:54)11. The Precision Editor (05:27)12. Trimming Tips - Part 1 (05:15)13. Trimming Tips - Part 2 (05:15)14. Adding Transitions (03:52)15. Cross Dissolves (00:58)16. Modifying Transitions (02:17)17. Theme Transitions (02:02)18. Adding Titles (02:22)19. Modifying Titles (03:42)20. Theme-Specific Titles (01:29)21. Adding Photos (02:11)22. Fitting and Cropping Stills (03:40)23. Animating Photos (02:41)24. Backgrounds and Maps (03:35)25. Creating a Trailer (04:21)26. Building a Trailer (05:01)27. Converting a Trailer to a Movie (02:25)28. Sharing via Email (02:32)29. Sharing to Video-Sharing sites (02:44)30. Exporting to a File (02:24)